Friday, 14 August 2015

(EBR 1x01a) - The Mission Briefing

These posts are my recap of our group's Star Wars Saga Edition game. They are written as a kind of "Ship's Log", from my character (Burt Larsson)'s point of view.  

3593.05.03, Taungsday.

Anton told me we had a new job - and it wasn't carting around more of those smelly stick-things, either!  Apparently, Zekk Montag, his old contact in the Republic Military had suggested Bronze Raptor and her crew name for the job!  

<CLASSIFIED>, the son of some high ranking Republic senator, went off to Tatooine (Why there? Nothing good ever comes from Tatooine, doubly so now that the Huts have taken control of it...) for his "bucks party" (I know - it was written that way in our information, too - wonder what it was that they were really getting up to?).  Anyway, <CLASSIFIED> vanished, and we're being called in to deal with the situation. Look for him. That kind of 'dealing with it'.  On the down-low, to save his father from any further embarrassment.

Tried to track down Adam, as I know this would be just his sort of thing, but apparently he was off looking for new pieces for his suit.  I doubt he'll ever get it to fly; the days of the Mandaloriens are over, you gotta dress light for battle, or accept that you will stay on the ground.  Anyway, left a few notes here and there, so hopefully he'll catch a transport across, and join in with us over there.  Maybe we could make a trip of it?  Nah, what am I's Tatooine!!

Oh, and get this - Montag doesn't even trust us enough to send us out alone!  He's sending a couple of Jedi for "Galactic security", as well as some extra muscle... ah well, more bodies means I'm less of a target, and we'll be compensated for transporting them around, in addition to being paid for the job.  Maybe Anton will finally be able to get those gold-plated taps for the kitchen he's been eyeing off?

3593.05.03, Zhellday.

The 'muscle' was a freaking wookie!! Montag introduced us briefly, before running off with the second Jedi (A nautolan called...Teko? Taki? I'm sure I'll pick it up next time), to do more important "Republic Business" stuff.  I told him to look out for Adam, give him a lift across, if they are done in time.  The plan is for them to meet us on Tatooine, after we've had a chance to look around a bit.

But, back to the wookie - man, that is one big, angry fellow!  At least, I think he's angry - all he does is groan and grumble.  Anton tells me he understands "Rowllar" (wait - I saw it written somewhere... "Ralrlanna", apparently.), but its all just growls to me.  Nod my head and do as he wants, that's my plan.  That, and give him his space. 

I know Anton was concerned for some of his chairs, they were built for comfort, not supporting such bulk.  But me, I'm just worried about my shoulder - I don't know what's in that guy's bags, but they weighed a ton.  Well, my shoulder...and his nose.  Do wookies have a keen sense of smell? I'm sure I packaged those sticks up tightly, and the compartment is supposed to be air-tight, but what if he finds out?  I mean, he's travelling with a Jedi - I don't think anyone would be happy if they found our, ah, more refined cargo.

And on that Jedi - they didn't even leave the friendly one with us.  No, we get a Trandoshan knight, Darossk.  He seems quiet enough, but I know he's just sensing the environment, watching and listening.  When it's time to strike, I have no doubt he has the skill to deal with any threat quickly.  I don't want to be that threat!

3593.05.03, Benduday.

I had expected ferocity, menacing glares, and the need to give the wookie a wide berth.  What I had not expected was the fur!  (Or is it hair?)  Why does that never come up in "101 things to look out for when travelling with Wookies"? Because, man, there is a lot of fur everywhere!  Clumps of it roll down the 'Raptor's corridors, it clings to all my clothes, and I'm sure I heard one of the air filters give out last night.  If we weren't in hyperspace, I'd take little 'Courier out for a spin, just to get some un-wookified air.

But, I gotta say - my initial judgements on Ralrlanna's temperament might have been a little off.  Sure, he growls a lot, but Anton still believes he is communicating with him, and he hasn't ripped a single arm from anyone yet. That's definitely a plus. And - wow - I saw him working over his weapon-of-choice earlier.  He carries a hammer that must have been half the weight of his gear!  It lights up, all bluey-purple like, crackling away like it contains all his anger.  I'm sure it packs a mighty wallop.  Definitely don't want to be on the wrong end of that!

I also saw Darossk sparring in the general quarters, swooshing his glowing blade around like it was nothing...which, I guess, kinda makes sense, as the blade is pretty light.  I barely managed to muster up the courage to ask him not to gut the 'Raptor from within, only for him to simply inform me that the blade was a practice blade - it doesn't cut, merely stuns.  His real saber was still on his hip.  Well, there's something I didn't know before.

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