Friday, 21 August 2015

(EBR 1x01b) - Touchdown on Tatooine

These posts are my recap of our group's Star Wars Saga Edition game. They are written as a kind of "Ship's Log", from my character (Burt Larsson)'s point of view.  

3593.05.04, Centaxday

It felt like a month, but it's only been a few days - the new Hyperdrive Anton equipped clearly works better than I had expected.  Still, we've come all this way, and for what?  The air is dry and miserable, they have no pavement to walk on, so my boots are now filled with sand, the weather is so blasted hot...oh, and <CLASSIFIED> wasn't even here. Well, he was, some time ago, but the time we arrived to meet his 'best man', the fellow was already dead!  Ain't that the height of rudeness: we travel all this way, and he has the hide to go get himself killed right before we turn up.

If he were still alive, I'd be right down annoyed at him!

As it turns out, his killer then tried to kill us - so, at least we have that in common.  Well, I wasn't going to allow her to escape without a harsh word or two, so I heroically leaped into the sky, zooming after her, and finding where her ship (a Ghtroc 720 Space Freighter - slow as the turtle it looks like!  Good thing I talked Anton out of getting one of those!) was parked.  The others finally caught up (oh - did I mention?  The wookie can fly! How something so large manages to stay in the air, I don't know...maybe Adam will get his armour working after all?), and we had an all-out blaster fight.  

Pretty exciting, really, much better than the little skirmishes we'd have amongst the swoop-gangs.  Anton threw around some crates, Ralrlanna crushed more bones than I'd like to count, and Darossk - wow, I've heard takes of the Jedi and their lightsabers, but it was something else to see it in action!  Stopping blasts before they reached him, and slicing right through his enemy, gun and all, as if there was no resistance!

Well, the rodian slipped onto her ship, and Ralrlanna charged in after her, but apparently they had "too many men", or something like that.  I don't know - I think we could have taken them.  How many can really fit onto a ship that size? Only, what, ten? Twelve?  

Anyway, they got away...but man, they were vicious.  As they lifted off, they turned their cannons on us, and fired!  Well, ok - not us directly...their own men! And not just the ones we had captured, to stop them from talking, but all of them, even the dismembered ones who were most certainly dead.  Bizarre doesn't begin to cut it.

What on earth could it mean??
Leather Jacket's logo
There wasn't much left after the ship bombarded the area, but Anton did find some strange colourful apple logo on their jackets.  With nothing else to go on (we checked through their Star Yacht - a fancy one indeed, but these Baudo-Class vessels are all style over substance - sure, they could outrun us, but in a stand-up battle, they'd be rupturing that pretty hull before they could ask for the hyperdrive to be turned on!), we're going to follow <CLASSIFIED>'s movements through the various seedy taverns around here, see if anyone remembers them. 

(Oh, and I noticed my journal keeps deleting <CLASSIFIED>'s name...have the Jedi been tampering with our system, or is that Montag's doing?  I'll have to check with Anton, see if he knows anything about it.)

3593.05.04, Centaxday - Addendum #1

It turns out that the "Apple Gangers" are a local band of thugs and criminals.  Well, good thing we didn't go easy on them!  We managed to get a location of their hideout, and then took out the speeders for a ride.  

The new exhausts still make a bit too much noise, I think, and I'm sure there's something off with my steering column, but it's pretty hard to tell when you are racing across a, that is some boring driving!  I could fall asleep, and not crash into anything!  Good thing we were travelling at night, or there would have been no skill needed.

Oh, and some of those Apple Gangers tried to take us on, on their own speeders.  Hah.  Little did they know who we were!  Two got away, but not before Ralrlanna impressed me again: he leaped from his bike, switching his jetpack on in mid jump, and practically charged through the air at them, power-hammer glowing all ferocious-like!  

By the time we reached their hideout, they were all waiting for us - of course - and though Darossk took a blaster to his face, we managed to clear them out pretty quickly.  He even pulled out a second lightsaber (a training one, I believe?), and subdued one of the gangers for questioning.  Thing was - the ganger wasn't a ganger at all!  Instead of the tell-tale rainbow apple, this fellow had a strangely designed "f" tattooed onto his arm.  He called himself "One of the Facebook", and was merely paying the Apple Gangers to do their dirty work.
Who comes up with these tattoos?
The Facebook

For some reason, the others were going to let him walk after their questioning.  Bizarre.  Anyway, I tied up that loose end before we left.

Now, we have a name - or, a few names!  The rodian is "Elizabeth Stapleton" (that's a perculiar name, even for a rodian), and has most likely retreated to her headquarters on Duro.  Not sure where that is, but anywhere has to be a step up from the dry, dusty Tatooine!  How long will it take to get all the grit out of my bikes?

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