Friday, 8 July 2016

Curse of Strahd 0xA - Introductions!

And now, our group is starting a new campaign!  This time, I will be running the group through an adaptation of The Curse of Strahd, using a "13th Aged" version of the 4e DnD rules, and starting in a Victorian-era Earthish setting.  To start things out, I worked with the (nine!) players to tie their characters together...and this is what we have! 

Seb - The Missionary
I see omens in every action!


Human Malediction Invoker

Seb wase in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Or, more correctly - the church guards were in the wrong place. He wase merely doing what he was called to do - yelling his beliefs loudly at those idiots who keep ignoring him. Their doom is on their own heads!

So Seb spent a few nights in jail.  Finally, an older monk turned up to transport him out of this forsaken city, back to the cathedral.  There, Seb would stand trial for his 'annoyances', his 'disturbances of the peace'.  Pah!

As far as captors go, Brother Tomas seems a reasonable fellow - quiet, patient, and not kicking Seb every minute (yes, he's had a few of those).  But it was to be a long journey, and Seb was not looking forward to going it on foot.  So when the carriage appeared, he was more than happy to be secluded on board!  The fellows who were previously inside - some elf, and his rough barbarian of a travelling companion - weren't so excited about their change of position, but Brother Tomas convinced them - something about his share of financing of this caravan, and supply of the guards.

Most of the time, Brother Tomas sits inside with Seb, silent, cold, distant.  He doesn't engage in talk, ignores Seb's statements, and refuses to be drawn into discussion.  When he's not with Seb, Tomas is outside, interacting with the other travellers only slightly more than he does his prisoner.

Brother Tomas - The Monk
I must control my emotions

"Brother Tomas"

Human Desert Wind Monk

Tomas had heard stories of the travelling crazy long before Seb wandered into his vicinity.  Sprouting out nonsense about demons and undead, and accusing anyone and everyone of vile evilness, he simply had to be removed.  Preferably, a long way, to the cathedral, to stand trial.  And for some reason, Tomas received the task of transporting him.

Normally, Tomas would have simply gone around the Svalich Woods, but he didn't want to spend any longer with this fellow than he had to; a week of rough travel was far more welcome than a month or two of listening to his loony ranting.

Finding others who were willing to go through the woods was hard - usually, large sums of money were needed, and Tomas had none of those resources.  Finding others who not only promised said money, but already had a considerable group gathered - including one Ser Luc Dubois, whom had helped protect Tomas' monastery on more than one occasion - was, simply, a blessing.

The only thing left to do was commandeer the carriage, and keep Seb away from the rest of the party.  And Tomas, where possible.

Ser Luc Dubois - The Paladin
Evil runs from me!

"Ser Luc Dubois"

Human Sacrificial Cavalier (Paladin)

Ser Luc had fought in many battles, served both in his home country and abroad, fighting against those who would take advantage of the weak, the innocent.  Mostly.  At some times, his superior's opinions on who was "weak" differed from his own .  And so, he had grown tired of that way, of the army life.  Now, he ventured where he wished, taking the odd job as a guard, and able to choose whom he protected.

Recently, Ser Luc caught up with an old friend from his childhood, Naman, who is also in the 'guard' business.  The pair decided to go on a trek together for old times sake, to spend some months catching up and enjoying each other's company.  And, as luck would have it, a monk from Ser Luc's order, a Brother Tomas, was looking for some guards to help return a prisoner through the Svalich Woods.  And so, his adventure starts!

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