Friday, 15 July 2016

Curse of Strahd 0xB - More Introductions!

Our group is starting a new campaign!  This time, I will be running the group through an adaptation of The Curse of Strahd, using a "13th Aged" version of the 4e DnD rules, and starting in a Victorian-era Earthish setting.  To start things out, I worked with the (nine!) players to tie their characters is round two! 

Naman Saket - The Soldier
I am not a victim.

"Naman Saket"

Sandsoul Genasi Shielding Swordmage

When he heard that Luc Dubois was back in town, Naman's whole week turned around.  He hadn't seen his friend many years was it now?  Too many!  And he had gone and gained a knighthood, too - "Ser Luc", as he was now known!

With nothing much on, Naman was only too eager to catch up with his childhood friend.  But when it came to a question of earning money, or spending it, the choice was more difficult.  Thankfully, Ser Luc was eager to continue making up for lost time, and quickly signed on to help out guard the caravan.  Some simple job - a few fellows wanted passage through the Svalich Woods, and a monk was transporting a prisoner along the same route.  They didn't offer much money up front, but promised more upon completion.  And a man of the cloth was good for his word, right?

Interestingly, Naman had another party who was eager to come along, though not for the full journey.  Soren, a young man who had an uncanny ability with metalworking, had been tracking some werewolves who had killed his father.  Naman hadn't shared the news with others - who would have believed him? - and indeed, if he hadn't been standing with him when he discovered his father's body, hadn't help him slay the werewolves there, then maybe he would think Soren him mad, too. 

Soren wanted to travel to the woods, but believed his quarry lived inside them, not on the other side.  Whereas most folk would be passing straight through, he was looking to remain, until vengeance was accomplished.

Soren Johanssen - The Transmuter
I get bored easily...

"Soren Johanssen"

Human Artificer

In the early days after his father went missing, Soren was a lot less careful than he is now.  On one occasion, when he thought he had almost tracked his father down, Soren fell into an ambush that almost took his life.  Only the aid of a passing Russian ranger kept him from death's door, and returned him to civilisation in one piece.

Since then, Soren takes care not to venture too far out alone.  Sure, not many will look at him quite the same after discovering he is hunting 'werewolves', but some have proven to be more understanding than others.  One such companion was Naman, an excellent swordsman who was with Soren the day he found his father's body, and the werewolves with him.  Together, they ensured that none of the werewolves survived...but Soren also knew that those in charge, the pack leaders, were not there that night.  He waited, he stalked them, but he never found them. 

Until recently, their track had grown cold.  Until recently, when Soren came across another victim, and all signs pointed towards Svalich Woods.  And, as if the gods themselves were granting him this favour, Naman was headed that way!  He had been hired to guard a caravan travelling through the woods.  Sure, he wouldn't be able to stay with Soren all the way, but there was always a chance that they might meet the werewolves before they parted ways, right?

Borya Orlov - The Mercenary
I live for the hunt!

"Borya Orlov"

Human Scout Ranger

The wild was much tamer than city-folk would give it credit.  There were less cut-purses, less crooked cops, and far less murders (per square mile, at least).  Sure - it was still dangerous, something city-folk seemed to forget.  Like that one guy, Soren, who wandered off alone, and almost got himself eaten by wolves.  Borya came across his broken, bleeding body and barely managed to put him together - after returning him to the city, Borya told him to stay there, it was his place, just like the wild was Borya's.

Borya had only returned to the city because he needed the money, and the business deal had seemed a sure thing. The Frenchman - "Jean-Paul" - thought it would all work.  Things were only 'legally grey', an area the pair were only too familiar with, but the whole plan had gone belly up, and now they both needed an escape plan - or a lot of money, soon.

That's when Jean-Paul came up with another plan.  Some guy - colourfully dressed, but Jean-Paul knew little else - had handed him a letter, paid for his meal (in gold!), and promised much more, should he come and help the fellow's master out.  The reward sounded great, and would definitely help the two of them out of their situation, but the location...the Svalich Woods...that was something they needed more help with.

Jean-Paul called in a little friend of his, and the three of them started organising a caravan...they would need guards, and a guide.  Also, an actual wagon would be handy!

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